Features Of Guns N’ Roses Slot

You might be amazed at how unique the Guns N’ Roses slot machine is when compared with so many other games out there. Naturally, the presence of actual GNR music and images all around this NetEnt machine makes it a popular game that will thrill all sorts of players. However, there are many other things about the game that makes it an especially unique and thrilling pokie to play with.


Multipliers are available around this great game. These include multipliers of up to ten times the original value of a spin. These multipliers will appear at random throughout the game and will add something special to the game as it gives players a real chance to have something big off of the special spins that come about around here.

Wild Features

There are wild features on the Guns N Roses slot, but these are designed with some expanding wild points. This works to allow the wild symbol to be stretched out to more spots on the same reel. This will make it easier for a player to get the most by getting a better chance at getting a larger overall payout.

The Appetite for Destruction wild feature is an especially popular part of the game. This can cause many symbols on the three middle reels to expand into wild symbols. There’s actually a chance for players to get wild symbols on all parts of the three middle reels, thus giving the player a real chance at having a good overall total when winning something big.

Multi Awards

The multi-award feature is another great part of the game that can be enjoyable. This will offer instant credits and free spins depending on what the player can get here. The game’s organization offers a great arrangement that is easy to use and can benefit any player who wants to play around and get some huge totals depending on what they can get out of the game.

The Crowd Pleaser bonus round particularly offers more awards as well. This part of the multi award feature will let the player choose to get either free spins or added credit awards. The player gets the full choice on what can come about in this part of the game as a means of making it more exciting and fun for players to look forward to.

Free Spin Wilds

The free spin round is a popular feature of the GNR slot but one thing that makes it especially popular comes from how a player can get at least one reel one each free spin to be completely wild. This in turn adds to the added ways how people can win here.

The Guns N Roses slot machine will certainly make for a thrilling game that players are certainly going to want to play along with. This is a fun game that has a number of great points to it that make this a popular way for players to win big on a pokie. The fact that this game has so many different GNR features that relate to the band’s entire history will especially make for something that is unique and intense for everyone to look out for.

Other slot features


Slots are played by millions across the globe. It is fun, entertaining and you don’t need any skill to enjoy the popular game. You decide your bet amount, spin the virtual lever and sit back hoping for a jackpot. It must be the most despondent feeling when you get the desired symbols in reel 1,2,3 and 5, with a different symbol in reel 4. You were so close to winning that life changing amount but yet so far.

The good news is that some online slots are now offering a re-spin feature and it is a dream come true for any slot fan out there.

What is a re-spin feature?

First you should know that there is a difference between a free spins feature and a re-spins feature. When the free spin feature is triggered on a slot game, the machine goes into autopilot and starts spinning by itself. Some symbols will freeze while the other reels will still keep spinning. When all the reels stop and the symbols are displayed, you will either win or not.

The new re-spin feature will allow you to spin 1 or more reels separately after the initial spin to better your chances of getting the desired symbols. Let’s take the example mentioned earlier. If you spin the reels and you get the desired symbols on reels 1,2,3 and 5 and a different symbol on reel 4, you will now be able to re-spin only reel 4 in hopes of getting the desired symbol which will result in a massive win.

How does it work?

The slot game will have a re-spin button that you will need to push to gain access to the feature. Below every reel you will see a button with a amount. The amount will indicate the cost of re-spinning that particular reel. The higher the possible win, the higher the re-spin amount. Make sure you now how much the re-spin will deduct from your bankroll. But hey, it might give you that 1 missing symbol which will result in a massive payout.