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September 23, 2018

Guns N’ Roses are one of the best-known rock bands in history. The group formed in 1985 in Los Angeles and combined the Hollywood Rose singer with the L.A. Guns, thus the name. Until the formal lineup came to be in the middle of June 1985, numerous band members came and left. The band which the world would eventually get to know was made up of Adler, Slash, Stradlin, McKagan and Rose as lead vocalist. Gun N’ Roses played a mix of heavy metal, punk rock, blues rock and hair rock.

Their first time

Their first album, launched in 1987, was titled Appetite for Destruction. Its imagery was a sign of protest to what the band saw as the destruction of nature and life by capitalist lords. America, at the time, had a strong rebellious youth generation, and this message found a lot of welcoming ears. The album’s first single, Welcome To The Jungle, was a perfect battle cry for this energetic and disillusioned generation. Together with other successful singles, such as Sweet Child O’ Mine and Paradise City, the album reached the top place in the Billboard 200 classification by 1988.

Due to problems with drug addiction, Adler was fired from the band in 1990 and was replaced by Sorum. The band went on to write numerous singles within a short amount of time, and this led them to release two albums at the same time. Use Your Illusion I and II reached the number 1 and 2 positions in the Billboard Chart. This was a record, which was only broken in 2004.

In subsequent years, the band went on successful tours, but eventually, the energy and synergy between band members began to fail. In the mid-nineties, many band members started seeking individual fame. Nevertheless, the band still exists today and their albums have sold over 100 million worldwide and they remain a popular band across the globe.

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