Scatters matters!

October 8, 2018

Murka, one of the fastest growing companies in the social and mobile gaming field, made a hit with the creation of the mobile game Scatter Slots and has only increased in popularity ever since.

Unlike traditional mobile slot games which can be quite repetitive, Scatter Slots is different. It provides a number of engaging elements that are quite unique to the game. One of the advantages of Scatter Slots is that it is available for free through GooglePlay and can be downloaded immediately. It is compatible with all sorts of platforms like iOS and Android but it is also found in the Amazon App Store. Another difference to other traditional slot games is the fact that Scatter Slots comes with a step-by-step tutorial. This enables new players to easily grasp the different features of the game.

Following the download of the game, the players can embark to play by choosing the amount of their bets, let the wheel spin itself around and simply watch the ensuing results while being entertained with high quality graphics and a captivating background music.

One of the elements that gets players hooked on the game, however, is the fact that it can be played without the use of internet. There are now over one million players all into Scatter because they know that if three scatter symbols appear on one of their reels, then this like a free bonus: it unlocks free spins, game bonuses and other fun stuff. This can mostly happen on five-reel slot games but it is also common to find the scatter symbols in progressive jackpots.

Before you play a slot game, what you need to do is to look out for the Paytable from the screen. By opening up the Paytable icon, one will be able to see whether the slot game has scatter icons that may trigger these fun bonuses to play.

Curious? Then try out Scatter Slots for a rewarding experience!

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