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May 17, 2018

Freespins are just one of many additions to the world of online slot machines, which make the game that little more fun to play. As their name suggests, these are spins which a player can play without needed to pay for them. With strong competition between online casinos, there is an increasing number of ways to get free spins and also what can be won with them.

How To Get Them

One of the main ways to get them is as part of a welcome package offered by a number of online casinos. Together with other freebies, a certain number of free spins are normally always given. Players, upon signing up, can usually immediately use their free spins, without needing to deposit any money first.

Playing online slot games, which offer free spins as a feature, is another way to get them. The player would normally need to get a number of scatter symbols in the slot reels to win these free spins. Usually, 3 of these scatter symbols are needed, but it can also be more, depending on the game and the casino.

A third, less common way to get them is through a promotion by an online casino. These are very often time-barred and on condition of deposit of a certain minimum of funds. Other special conditions may sometimes also apply.

The Prizes

There are a variety of prizes that can be won during rounds of free spins. The prizes vary depending on the type of promotion and the casino offering it. Certainly, one of the more popular prizes is winning bonus money. This money can be used, in turn, to continue playing online slot machines, in other of the casino’s online games or withdrawn. What can be done with it depends very much on the casino’s terms and conditions.

What makes the prizes of free spins even more exciting is that they usually come with multipliers on wins. This means that players can win twice, three times or even more the amount they would have won had they played a normal round without free spins.

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